The Essentials

Tips and Tricks

Hover Over Elements

You can hover over some elements on your calendar to reveal more information about them.

Like moons: Image of hovering over a moon icon

And weather: Image of hovering over the weather icon

Context Menus

Some elements on your calendar have context menus available on them. Right click on them to access the menu.

Such as events: Image of the context menu of an event

And days: Image of the context menu of a day

Copy link to date

This option on the day context menu will copy a link to the day. This is useful when you want to highlight the day in question.

Note: This requires you to enable the "Enable previewing dates in calendar" setting - see the Settings article.

Common Jargon


A word from latin that means "of the nature of an insertion". Long story short, this is a period of time, a day or a month, that do not have weekdays.

An intercalary leap day is a day that can appear before, after, or inside of a month. If it appears inside of a month, it will look like this:

Image of an intercalary day bisecting a month

As you can see, the intercalary day doesn't have a weekday, so it gets inserted "inside of" the month, but then the month continues as normal.

The same goes for intercalary months - no weekdays on those:

Image of an intercalary month