User Management


User Managment in Fantasy Calendar is a premium feature, but it unlocks the ability to add other users to your calendar!


When you send an invite to an email and they're already on Fantasy Calendar, they'll get an email giving them the opportunity to accept the invite.

If they're not a user on Fantasy Calendar, they will have to register first, but then they can accept your invitation just like any other users.

Before they have accepted your invitaiton, they will show up on your user list as a pending invite. You can cancel this invitation at any time.


Once the user has accepted their invite, they're defaulted to the role of "Observer". You can change each user's role by selecting a new one in the dropdown, and clicking "Update".


A user with the role of observer gives them no extra privileges, except that your calendar is displayed on the home page separately from their own calendars. In addition, they can still view your calendar if it is set to be private (see private calendar setting).

If you have not disabled event comments, any observer or above can comment on your events.


A user set to the player has the same privileges as an observer, but they also add one-time events (events that only happen on the specific date it was created on). They may hide that event from other viewers, but you or any co-owners (see below) can still see that event.

The event they create can only use event categories that you have set to be player usable.


Co-Owners have the same privileges as the previous levels, but this level is the only one that can modify the current date and time, aside from the owner of the calendar.

Users with this role also have full access to all the current events, hidden or not. They can also edit and delete events, and they have full access to the event condition system.