The Weekday options determine the default weekdays used in a calendar.

The week length also determines the column width of the grid calendar view, meaning a minimum of one weekday is required for a calendar to function.

To set up a weekday, simply enter a name in the text box and click the "+" button. You can then use the draggable icon () on the left hand side of any week day to rearrange them.

Overflow Weekdays

With overflow weekdays disabled, each month will start on the first weekday. If it is enabled, the last weekday of the previous month will affect the first weekday of the next month. For example, if January ends on a Friday, February will start on a Saturday.

A month with custom weekdays cannot overflow.

First Week Day

This determines the very first day of the very first year. No other years are directly affected by this, except as the result of shifting dates around.

This input is only available if Overflow Weekdays is enabled.

More Week Options

For more week options, please refer to Months, which allow for options such as months with custom weeks, or intercalary months which do not have set weekdays.